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Your Stories

Roundtable Feedback

At the roundtable sessions, we found delegates had a range of issues with their Web sites - some advanced, some "back to basic".

Is your Web site affected by the same issues? Read on to find out more.

"Untitled Document"

Your page titles are essential to getting across the essence of your message to both visitors and search engines.

You should make it part of your strategy to review your titles and change them if they are not relevant.

And if you - like the University of Dundee and a couple of Masterclass delegates - have "Untitled Document" as page titles, you need to quickly go back to the drawing board!

Business Cards & Offline Marketing

One of the delegate's business cards proudly proclaimed his Web site address, but the email address used the domain of his Internet service provider!

One of our clients regularly advertises in the local press, but still omits their Web address - despite reminders and listing an email address.

Your Web site and domain name are part of your company's brand, so make sure you use it consistently throughout all your marketing - online and off.

Mission Statements

Whilst mission statements can help focus and motivate staff within your company, they rarely make good Web site introductions!

Indeed, they can be meaningless to anyone outside of your company.

Strive to get your service proposition - akin to your one-minute 'elevator pitch' - across clearly and concisely instead.

"We will work together to synthesize synergistic
e-tailers with available resources for the
benefit of our
consumers and other
local partnerships"

Text as Images

Many designers display text as images. This might be for a variety of reasons, ranging from the desire to use a non-standard font, implementing text effects or because they'd like a particular background effect.

Text in images cannot be read by those reliant on assistive browsing tools, such as speech or braille browsers used by the visually impaired. Search engines cannot read them, either, and it makes your site slower and limits what users can do - try copying the text to the right.

With a few exceptions - e.g. logos and particular display requirements - it is preferable to render text as text (that you can select, copy etc). Usually, there are techniques we can use to replicate text effects. At all other times, alternative text should be defined.

(Note - this mistake is common with "design for print" agencies).

"Site designed by..."

Poorly optimised Web pages - or Web pages created by agencies more interested in promoting themselves - can lead to Google knowing more about them than you!

This can be common if your entire Web site is designed in 'Flash'.

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