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Reaching out beyond your Web site

Our two-hour Masterclasses covered a broad range of topics. This list of resources will help you find out more about topics discussed and specific Social Networking, Search and Search Advertising providers.

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Fish.Net Limited

Saddleworth-based. Web design, marketing, development, system support and Internet services. 15 years experience working with small companies through to large corporates.

Fish.Net Online

Fish.Net's blog covering various aspects of the Web, Internet marketing, software, systems and every now and again something completely random.

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Social Media - General

Essential reading on social media!

SEO - No Follow Links

With sites tending to take a more cautious approach to linking out without nofollow, is there any SEO benefit in building a social media presence and building links from directories?

Facebook Fiasco

Many companies and individuals have landed in hot water because they underestimated how badly (and quickly) Social Media can go wrong if not handled correctly. Find out how you can avoid joining them here.

Google introduces Real Time Search

Google is increasingly placing more importance on fresh, newly created content - whether created by individuals or brands. Find out what this may mean for you.

Get me to the top of Google!

Fish.Net guides you through the process of identifying key words, and the importance of defining a meta description tag for each page on your site.

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Social Media, Networking and Bookmark sites

Explore each in turn and consider if and how it could work for your company. There are many others available too - research which (if any) are used by customers in your sector.


Business-orientated social network service aiming to strengthen and extend your network of trusted contacts..


Micro-blogging service letting you post short, chatty messages to your audience via SMS, the Web and other methods.


Connecting people with friends and others who work, study & live around them. Ideal for targetting "fans" of your brand.


Video sharing Web site allowing users to discover, watch and upload videos.


Online photo management and sharing Web site


Provides ability to upload and share PowerPoint/KeyNote presentations, either publically or privately.


Document sharing Web site - publish white papers, brochures, guides, manuals and any other type of PDF or Word document.

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Search Engines

Periodically check your site presence using these search engines.

Google UK

UK-version of the ubiquitous search engine.

Yahoo! UK

Alternetive search engine

Bing UK

Microsoft's attempt at toppling Google as the King of Search

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Search Advertising

Start advertising on Search Engines and deliver highly targeted traffic and leads.

Note - these services can suck in a lot of money if you aren't sure what you're doing! Contact Fish.Net on 01457 819600 if you need any help setting up and running a well-optimised campaign.

Google Adwords

Google's paid advertising service.

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Reach searchers using Yahoo!

Microsoft adCenter

Reach out to visitors using Microsoft's Web properties

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