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Web Masterclass


In conjunction with Winning Pitch, Fish.Net held two Web Masterclasses to help small and medium businesses in the Oldham area harness the potential of the Web.

Getting the Web to work for you

- Going Back to Basics

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Going "Back to basics", you were invited to ask yourself "What is my Web site for?". You learned about the anatomy of a successful Web site, and how you can meet your goals with clear navigation, structure, content and style.

You were then introduced to how you can measure success online, and how refining even small elements on your site, such as headings or navigation button titles, can make a BIG difference to your goal conversion rate and ultimately profit.

Finally, you were shown how to give your site a healthcheck and make sure you are getting the best of what you've currently got, and what you should look for in a Web supplier.

You were then invited to share any problems you have with your site or find out how you can make your site work harder for you in our round table session.

Reaching out beyond your site
- Search, Email & Social Media

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We started with a summary of our first Masterclass - a "back to basics" look at the fundamentals of what makes a good Web site.

We then discussed how the Web has evolved from a one-way medium to a fully participatory experience, and some of the ways you may be able to harness Social Media.

Finally, we took a look at email marketing, SEO and advertising via Google Adwords - more ways in which you can reach your clients and prospects.

You were then invited to discuss any aspect of reaching out beyond your Web site in our round table session.

Delegates at both Masterclasses were provided with some takeaway tips

If you need any help harnessing the potential of the Web, or just need an expert impartial opinion to keep you and your existing Web supplier buzzing with ideas, contact us today.

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